Cannot find time to train after work? Is it rainy and cold outside? Is it a winter without snow?

No problem, Ercolina Upper Body Power is the right tool for double-poling trainings indoor.

Ercolina (Bruno Debertolis)

This machine has been designed and developed by Mirco Collavo in collaboration with some of the best skiers in the world.

Many top skiers use it to train indoor, such as Petter Eliassen (winner of Visma Skiclassics) and Martin Fourcade (biathlon superstar).

The top selling side of Ercolina is how well it simulates the cross country skiing movement and its adjustable resistance.

To make the movement almost equal to the real skiing you could use Ercolina on a chute, using roller-skies without the back wheel stopper (as you can see on the picture).

This is a way to “almost” ski without leaving the gym, the garage or whatever other indoor place.

In the following video Bruno will show how he uses this machine during his double-poling trainings.

Ercolina Video


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